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We were determined to create a Scarf that was perfect. One that would stay put, was super easy to put on and take off and wouldn't destroy your hair and makeup in the process. We spent a year developing the perfect prototype.  We think you will agree with us that we have done it!!

The Skarf is made using a variety of gorgeous fabrics and patterns. 

We added sass and class with leather detailing. 

Utilizing two leather enclosed magnets, The Skarf secures behind your neck.  This allows for easy "on and off" and gets you on your way.

 Not only does The Skarf fall perfectly every time, it is reversible!  This gives you two great looks in one.

The making of The Skarf

Here is a glimpse into our year of this dream becoming a reality.

After getting the first prototype back, we loved the bulk of fabric in the front but the back closure was too high.  The task was how do we get all that fabric comfortably into a smaller area!  We needed to go back to the beginning and start over.

Well, we're so glad we did!  By adding a small bridge of material between the wider fabric and the magnetic enclosures we were able to create a scarf that eliminates the bulk at the back of the neck. It was our "Ta Da" moment..... so we started the patenting process!

From there we began working on the finer details like leather, fonts and finishing touches. Later we started building relationships with fabric wholesalers and clothing manufactures.

Our first ever official prototype with all the final changes and the integration of the bridge.  It is truly surreal to wear something that a year ago was an idea over coffee. 


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