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Mother's Day Sale- BOGO!


Mother’s! Without them none of us would be here, literally. From balancing social calendars to shooing away bad dreams, the “To Do” lists never seem to end. We raise a glass to all mothers, those who have gone before us and spoken into our lives, our own mothers, and heck to ourselves!

So whatever season motherhood finds you in, we celebrate all you bring to the table (no pun intended).

This year, R&G wants to celebrate YOU by offering a crazy Mother’s Day BOGO sale. 

Buy The Skarf, get 1 for FREE

The sale includes the entire R&G collection and 3 newly released patterns!!

What better time to buy a gift for those you love, and keep one for yourself too. This sale starts today and runs until April 28th at midnight!

The discount is applied at checkout.
*Not combinable with other offers*


Happy Shopping!

Edmonton Woman's Show!

What a better way to celebrate Spring then attending the upcoming Edmonton Woman's Show! R&G is thrilled to be a part of such a fun event and can't wait to see all of Edmonton's friendly faces. Grab your tickets today!http://womanshow.com

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Fun Fact Friday Part 2!

Hello! Now it's my turn to share some fun, random facts about myself to liven up your weekend reading!XO-MichelleName: Michelle Sheila-Marie DemmanAge: 38 Height: 5'6"Born: Vancouver BC Karaoke Selection: Britney Spears.... "Hit Me Baby One More Time". Haha!Eat This: I love green smoothies, fancy salads, and the pear and brie flatbread from the Train [...]

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Fun Fact Friday

Aloha! Bonjour! Kia Ora! Hello! Some of you I have known for a bajillion years (mild exaggeration) and some we just met! Here are some fun facts to liven up your Friday! Ciao! - KimName: Kimberley Reign LaVonne DeVriesAge: 35 (halfway to 70!!)Height: 5’2" (I’ve been referred to as “fun size”)Born: Seoul, South Korea (Hello my name is Kim…)Karaoke [...]

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Life Gets in the Way

Life is busy. We can all acknowledge that. By the time you’ve picked up your pumpkin spice latte it’s time to pick up the kids again. Then there’s soccer practice, swim lessons, yoga, meetings, family events, that baby shower to plan for your BFF, and that’s just a normal Tuesday. You are not alone. Again, [...]

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Holiday Shopping Guide

With Christmas fast approaching many of you are entertaining visions of glowing trees, eggnog lattes, and spending time with loved ones. While possibly some of you are envisioning crowded malls, massive to-do lists, and the age old question “What do I buy for ______?”.As we say at REIGN&GRAY, “life is complicated, looking fabulous/festive shouldn’t [...]

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Not a trick, but a treat...a Spooktacular Sale!

Let’s all be real here for a moment with Halloween. We buy our kids the $10-20 costume for what purpose? For them to look cute? To fit in with their friends at school? To make the Grandparents “oOoO and “aaaAAAh over our precious little Cinderella's and Paw Patroller’s? Yes a portion of [...]

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Success or Failure: What are you setting yourself up for?

I once heard a good quote that asked the question, "...are you setting yourself up for success or for failure?...". The premise being, are the choices you make working for or against you in the long run? It was an interesting concept, even more thought provoking when applied to parenting. For many of us school [...]

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What People Are Saying About Reign&Gray!

With this school year coming to a close, we know that stuffed into our children’s backpacks (way down at the bottom with the broken crayons and dirty socks) report cards will soon be making their way home. Feedback always highlights areas for improvement as well as areas of achievement!We have received some reviews on [...]

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Conquering our own "Mount Everest"

Has anyone else seen the movie "Everest"?The one where people pay huge amounts of money, risking life and limb(s) to summit that elusive Mount Everest. To be able to stand on the summit, plant your flag, take a selfie, and check it off the Ol’ Bucket List. Then turn around and survive going back DOWN the mountain! [...]

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