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Fun Fact Friday Part 2!

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Hello! Now it's my turn to share some fun, random facts about myself to liven up your weekend reading!



Name: Michelle Sheila-Marie Demman

Age: 38 

Height: 5'6"

Born: Vancouver BC 

Karaoke Selection: Britney Spears.... "Hit Me Baby One More Time". Haha!

Eat This: I love green smoothies, fancy salads, and the pear and brie flatbread from the Train Station Pub. Oh...and chocolate covered ANYTHING!!!

No Thanks!!: Trauma TV Shows like Grays Anatomy. I can handle bleeding noses but missing limbs...no thank you! I will faint... literally.

Happiness: Skiing with my fam on a sunny, powder day.

Favourite album of all time: Ben Harper, Fight for Your Mind.

Watch this: "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" is my all-time fave movie!!! So due to watch again.

True Tale: I once watched wild sharks feast on a seal in the middle of the ocean. National geographic kind of moment that I will never forget.


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